Dominus – Steven Saylor



A.D. 165: The empire of Rome has reached its pinnacle. Pax Romana reigns from Britannia to Egypt, from Gaul to Greece.
Marcus Aurelius, as much a philosopher as he is an emperor, oversees a golden age in the city of Rome. The ancient Pinarius family and their workshop of artisans embellish the greatest city on Earth with gilded statues and towering marble monuments. Art and reason flourish. But history does not stand still, and the years that follow bring wars, plagues, fires, famines, political upheaval and ultimately a revolution that will change the world forever.
Spanning 160 years and seven generations, ‘Dominus’ teems with some of ancient Rome’s most vivid figures and brings to life some of the most tumultuous and consequential chapters of human history, events which reverberate still.