Murder in the Falling Snow : Ten Classic Crime Stories – Ed Cicely Gayford


Writers include Dorothy L Sayers, GK Chesteron and Arthur Conan Doyle.
It’s only the afternoon, but dusk is already falling and snow drifts from the sky. It’s a peaceful winter scene, and inside all is cosy and bright. But a snow drift can cover a multitude of sins, and somewhere in the shadows, a murderer is making plans …
A snowbound haunted house is the setting for an imp[ossible murder. A killer is condemned by a single hair from a mysterious animal. And a blackmailer gets his comeuppance … on Christmas Eve.
Here are ten classic crime stories for the winter months, from the greatest minds of the mystery genre. So bundle up, grab a glass of mulled wine, and get ready to be puzzled, astonished and entertained by these festive stories of murder and mayhem.