Privilege – Guinevere Glasfurd


The King knows the true power and privilege of books. When every book is cause for suspicion, you risk execution for possessing the wrong ones.
1766, PARIS.
Ten years have passed since Delphine Vimond last saw her father. After his violent arrest, his library of books is burned. Young Delphine, bereft and fatherless, is forced to seek refuge in the city.
Now working as a housekeeper for the radical Monsieur Diderot, her settled life is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of Chancery Smith. A printer’s apprentice, he has been sent from London to hunt down the mysterious author of revolutionary papers marked only with the initial D – the possession of which could prove fatal.
Pursued by the brutal French censor, Henri Gilbert, Delphine and Chancery set off on a frantic and deadly search that will take them across the country.
But can they catch up with D before Gilbert catches up with them?