Riviera Stories – Debra Moffitt


Debra Moffitt portrays a dozen Riviera residents in search of something beyond wealth and glamour. A famous musician who’s lost the music in his soul and becomes a nobody to get it back; an American expat who lost her husband and goes looking for love in the wrong places; a Moroccan waiter at the Hôtel du Cap with big dreams and desires for one of the hotel’s guests; some Riviera commuters who are stopped by a roadside stripper, a camel, and a crash; and an islander whose lover is the sea. Mysteries open up as they all seek to find something that makes sense beyond the crazy, materialistic world around them. Riviera Stories spotlights Monaco’s playground of the rich and famous, Antibes’ beaches and restaurants, and the lush mountains and perched villages beyond the coast and brings them to life.