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Niche Books Valbonne

A real bookshop with real people !

Niche Books Valbonne

A real bookshop
with real people

Welcome to Niche Books

Your English Bookshop in Valbonne

Debbie and Jill welcome you to the most recent incarnation of your English bookshop in Valbonne, a part of village life for over 30 years. Niche Books will continue to serve you in time honoured tradition, with real books and real people in a real shop!

Pick of the Month

Butler to the World – Oliver Bullough

How did Britain become the servant of the world’s most powerful and corrupt men?
Oliver Bullough reveals how, despite priding itself on values of fair play and the rule of law, the UK took up its position at the elbow of the worst people on Earth: oligarchs, kleptocrats and gangsters.
From the birth of of tax havens in the 1950s, moving from the British Virgin Islands to Gibraltar and Mayfair, this is a damning portrait of global finance and politics in the UK today – and an incendiary reminder that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Regional Interest

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